A little over…I guess a year ago? Maybe more? I auditioned for a project for a Inn Keeper – they had some stills for the character and had a intersting bit of animation to draw inspiration from. So I auditioned and sent off the audio to the creator. Radio silence but no biggie, projects move at a different pace to what I would like but in the end – its their baby and they need to care for it the best they need to!

Earlier this week, I was approached by the group who I auditioned for – giving me an update after much radio silence – sadly the Inn Keeper was no more and their project went in a slightly different direction.


They wanted me to work on a different character (set of characters to be precise) and having a look through the sides and character shots – this should be very fun indeed!

Out of the blue come beams of glory! And what a beam this one is! Im so looking forward to working on it!

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