Its that time of year when everything is a-new!

It’s 2018, the stress of 2017 and all that is in the past, not even a distant memory yet!

But when you think about what has actually happened, you realize, that it’s just a reset on a day in the calendar! And an increase in 1 number. The naysayers or the ‘realists’ in the back there are enjoying the negative time of my subconscious going ‘Its just another day, nothing has really changed.’

When you think about it; the only thing that changes is the official calendar! The financial year ends in April so even though its a new year, the old tax year, earning year or whatever is still going strong!

But I’m an insufferable optimist, nieve and happy-go-lucky – so I’ll choose the positive and sugar coat the fact that, HOLY CRAP its 2018! My mom always said she’d kill me before I reached 21! (Becuase of the whole not doing the dishes or refusing to get in the car from the park when I was 10 – or was that just my loving family?)

Its time to get excited, make those new connections,  learn from the bad stuff that happened in 2017 and make the best out of the new calendar year!

Here is to not letting the passion fizzle, to not letting other people dictate what you will do or how you conduct yourself!

I’m a responsible adult and I choose to be happy! And if that means I act like a child – perhaps you should be more like a kid. Not a care in the world and enjoy the moment!


Happy new 2018 everyone!

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