So a little over a week ago – a little video caught my attention from Chuck Huber – you know, just the voice of Android 17 and a PLETHORA of other voices and acting appearances!

He posed this challenge: Record a 10 – 20 second clip of your favorite – famous voice-over character for an audition to win a contracted session – at Funimation for an hour!

He started with this video

And as of Friday – all entrants had to be in!

Here was my entry! 

NowVoiceThis Audition – Maul

Then on Monday 18th at 9 pm Central Time (3 am for me – hooo boy) he would announce who had moved forward.

He received over 1500 entrants! That’s NUTS! And sadly – he and a panel of 2 other judges (Sonny Strait and Chris Rager ) could only choose 185 entrants to move forward.

With high hopes of being able to stay up til 3am GMT (9pm Central) – then agreeing to take a nap and wake up – to then waking …..aannnd falling back asleep thanks to a hectic day – I waited for the results of round one!

I woke up to a lovely reveal video (available from the NowVoiceThis twitter page if you want to sit through all the names) and am astounded to announce I made it to Round 2!

Made my morning and started Christmas off with a high note!

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