Here we are again, that festive time of year where everyone goes out of their way to get their loved ones a bit of happy.

Its also a time where we – as a whole – feel that little more empathetic and sympathetic towards others. On the tube, on the road, in the high street and so on.

Good deals are all abound and most of the time, we have a smile on our face!

We even have the chance to put smiles on other faces that we don’t normally get to, or think about.

I started this journey more or less in January – with a few key decisions being made and an attitude of ‘Well if I don’t do it now, I won’t get it done at all. So just get on with it’ and a little bit of hopeful enthusiasm.

To December – having set up a website, got my demos done, trained hard and looking forward!

So, to all those who I have met along this year’s journey – the connections I have made; the training I have taken and the people I have met – thankyou.

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