So, a bit of a follow on from some stuff last week! In a hilarious 4 part mini series! Previously on ‘Baron’s Adventures’ (should make a mini blog about this!) I had signed up for some professional photos to be done through Talent Talks Ltd and took along some props to be used. Then went to visit my dad who was visiting the UK for a weekend (that I could see him at least) and hung out. Here begins our saga!

Part 1 – go to photo shoot, use microphone and an Xbox controller as props

Part 2 – visit father visiting the UK and hang out with him for the evening

Part 2 a) have a snoring contest between my dad and I (I won by the way, not sure if that’s a proud moment or not)

Part 3 – get on a train going home WITH microphone in its carry case, change train for tube – find out half way to interchange for home bound train I don’t have it (enter a lot of swearing here)

Part 3 a) contact train company for report via twitter – they say file a report on website. Do that. Wait anxiously. Prepare to spend more money on replacement microphone and talk lovingly to my wallet to entice it into a false sense of security.

Part 4 – get call yesterday morning saying they have the box! Rejoice!

So I am heading down to London Waterloo station lost and found to find out if the box they have recovered still has the CONTENTS!

The exciting finale will conclude TONIGHT!

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