So sorry for the lack of updates on here recently. Just things have been churning along in the back end and working slowly toward world domination!…I mean…consistent work.

But on a good note – 3 successful bookings last week meant a lot of progress and a milestone hit for me! Yay, that!

I also do game streaming through

They are hosting a fun little biddy for their lead up to Halloween – so I am currently working on an overlay update for that event and have even got a little bit of costume setup done! So if you are of that kind – do check out the stream when it goes live on

Mixer Streaming

I have also booked in some photos to be done this weekend as well to update the photos and get them to a professional standard. Believe it or not Рthe photos currently hosted are just from my phone and a bit of photoshop myself!  But you know what they say Рgotta spend money to make money. And boy, do I know how to spend it!

And lastly, this Friday I will be attending the

To enjoy all that the wonderful world of comics, anime and animation have to offer! While it may be a mecca for the enthusiasts – I also hope to do a bunch fo networking.



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