So I had the pleasure of attending EGX last month, for 5 days and my word, the amount of walking I did was on par with a Marathon not to mention the people I made contacts with!

So for those unfamiliar with what EGX is – The organization is a games journalist writeup and review site – and after a while, they decided to host a convention where big name brands and underdog indies could come and show a few people their hard work and do that all important exposure bit.

Fast forward …..10 years and it is now one of the largest game conventions (if not the largest) in the UK and catching up to a lot of its international brethren such as E3 in the USA and GameCom in Germany.

So for 5 days I got the chance to go out and try some of the big name titles and a lot of the smaller companies – usually 1 or 3 man bands that have a great Idea and doing what they can to bring it to the big market!

I got the chance to chat with a bunch of developers and some producers while enjoying the fruits of their labours and talking general gamer nerd shop! I also took a BUNCH of photos if anyone would like to witness the shenanigans and enjoy the sights of a full blown convention!

I also had the chance to enjoy a talk that was given by Jay Britton and Amelia Tyler as mentioned in my ‘road to EGX’ post which was highly informative and had the pleasure of having a catch up chat with them later on!


All in all its motivational, I came back feeling charged and focussed! Now to convert that into results!

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