This week, (from tomorrow actually) I will be wending my way up to Birmingham to attend Eurogamer Expo (shortened to EGX)

Looking forward to seeing all the fun things to see – the stands, talking to likeminded developers, game enthusiasts, and even some company owners – with an alterior motive in mind, mwahahahahaa!!

That’s where the new business cards come in! Those came with me and hoping to get some good contacts out of it too but at the end of the day – its all about enjoyment for the event for me.

Queue a LOT of walking, and probably a few achy joints but I brought comfy shoes and the boundless energy that I tend to get when I am at an event like this!

There are also a bunch of voice actors from the

going who I hope to hang out with and exchange my gaming prowess along with being a general energetic bod!



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