That’s right, I will be attending Eurogamer Expo – EGX from …well all event long!

With new business cards in hand and a spring in my step I shall be gracing the halls and pestering the developers and anyone else who will be awesome enough to take my card!

You think 250 will be enough?

Quite a few other voice actors will be attending from the

as well so will be hanging with them a bit, a good few panels that I want to attend including one run on Sunday by a few very successful voice actors –

Jay Britton


Amelia Tyler

I literally picked up the business cards today and I was super excited for them! I’m treating these as my Gen 1 – and had some intersting feedback from both ends of the spectrum so I’m taking those with a bit of a mixed bag.

But – we all have to start somewhere – and I’d like to think I’m starting strong!


See you all at

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