So, here we are.

The first iteration of my website – to show, market and otherwise provide the services of my voice. Voice acting and voice over work is something I have been skirting around the edge for a few years. Tentatively┬ádoing work, lending my voice to small projects and seeing these icons of mine who are either publically posting their goods and services which made me go ‘Why can’t I be part of that crowd?’

So I started hunting – quickly found a plethora of information and quite frankly – was overwhelmed.

By chance, I found the VoiceOverKickStarter programme run by Guy Michaels – part of

and signed up for this – quite frankly – utterly delicious FREE VoiceOver KickStarter course which set me on a path I now intend to walk confidently!

It led me to find and connect with Rachael Naylor

Rachael Naylor


Who runs and founded The Voiceover Network

I quickly joined the ranks and have had a few invaluable training opportunities hosted by themselves and others. She’s charismatic, has an INSATIABLE hunger for voice over -a very savvy businesswoman, mother and voice talent

It’s been a short walk so far – and I’m learning all the time. New techniques, upgrades to existing equipment (as if something shiny and techno minded was ever not going to make me ogle at it) and with the inception and birth of this website – I hope to have a long and productive path down this road.

An amazingly huge amount of thanks (and more physical appreciation too) to Nathan Binding – work colleague and designer with a wicked sense of ‘dad’ humor which I find quite enjoyable.

So; come join me, let’s walk together on this journey and along the way and make something amazing! I look forward to the opportunity of getting to know you and bringing your project to life!

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